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Industry: Accountancy / Auditing
Phone: +371 67334485
Contact person:   Lilita Bērziņa, Member of the Board
Numeri provides accounting, tax consultations, business management and finance services and consultations. The company is in the market since 1998 continuing the performance of IMG and Grāmatvedības aģentūra. We provide accounting services according to all requirements of the Latvian Governmental institutions (the State Revenue Service - SRS, Commercial Register and Board of Statistics).

Numeri is represented in three countries: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and is a member of AGN International (worldwide association of Separate and Independent Accounting and Consulting Firms).
We provide our services to both Local and International companies. Our clients are based in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Russia etc.

Our accountants are highly qualified, certified and become the members of ACCA – global body for professional accountants. They have good knowledge of foreign languages and are familiar with international and local bookkeeping requirements.

The purpose of the Tax Services practice of Numeri is to assist clients in finding tax efficient business solutions and managing tax risks.

Numeri finance consultation services are based on our specialists’ experience of more than 20 years in finance management and strategic planning projects. Numeri financiers take into account the peculiarities of the company concerned, as well as its strategic aims, demands of the company owners and managers. 

A substantial advantage of Numeri is the ability to offer our clients the opportunity to receive tax, accounting and finance consultations from one service provider and within one office, thus allowing our clients to save up time and money.

Our principles:
Mission - to free our clients from the hustle of bureaucracy by providing complex services, thus allowing the clients to concentrate on their basic activity.
Specialization - accounting, taxes, planning and analysis of finances, management reports.
Working style - responsible, accurate; a cooperative partner.
Result - You feel Comfortable. It feels comfortable, because all the financial issues have been solved. It feels comfortable, because there are no problems with the documentation or the State Revenue Service audit. It feels comfortable, because trust prevails in the relationship with the accountant.

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