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Industry: Production
Phone: +47 9516 0503
Contact person:   Håkon Holen
A.S Fiskevegn is a leading Scandinavian manufacturer of cords, ropes and fishing equipment. The company's premises are located at Flatraket in Selje municipality, close to the notorious Stadhavet. We know how important it is to have ropes that really hold and equipment that can stand severe forces. Many of our employees have considerable experience of working on board fishing vessels, both in Norway and abroad.
The combination of sector know-how, targeted investment in product development, good market knowledge and the company's location as close as possible to the fishing grounds makes A.S Fiskevegn an excellent business partner.

Our clear aim of prioritising the quality of our products and supplying merchandise on time has yielded good results, both for us and our many customers, both in Norway and internationally. A.S Fiskevegn is an ultra-modern company that consciously targets investing in the most efficient production equipment available on the global market.
Advanced automation and rigorous quality control make us a competitive and leading supplier in the industry.

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