Transparency Act and Its Implications for Doing Business in Norway

29 June 2022

On July 1, 2022, a new law - the Transparency Act - will take effect in Norway, requiring companies operating in Norway to make sure human rights and decent working conditions are respected in their operations and supply chains. To bring the message across to our members, NCCL together with the Latvian Wood Construction cluster invites you to sign up and join us on June 29 10:00 and 11:00 (EET) for an informative webinar, exploring - What is the Transparency Act? And what are the implications for Latvian exporters operating in the Norwegian market?

The law applies to large companies that are domiciled in Norway, and that offer goods and services in or outside Norway. The law also applies to larger foreign companies that offer goods and services in Norway, and which are taxable in Norway according to Norwegian internal legislation. It is expected that the Transparency Act will also indirectly have an impact on all smaller companies that supply goods and services to larger companies in Norway.

We are delighted to have the expert team from the Oslo-based Codex Advokat join us with their expertise and insights in what the new law will mean for companies operating in Norway.


Admission is free, but registration is required!

Sign up by June 28: 

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