Webinar: Expanding your business to the New Nordics

23 March 2021

As the longterm outlook in the production sector is facing uncertainty, expansions to the New Nordics offers new opportunities. What are the economic trends in the New Nordics to watch for in 2021? What are the lessons learned by Norwegians doing business in the New Nordics? To learn more about what Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has to offer in engineering sector and what support for your business is available already today, join a webinar "Expanding your business to the New Nordics - Emerging opportunities in Engineering" on 23rd March at 10:00 (Norwegian TIME) organized by LIAA together with Estonian and Lithuanian counterparts. 

The speakers list includes NCCL member Lauritz Skeide, CEO at Norpartners. Norpartners is a supplier of product development, manufacturing and assembly of products and components in fiber reinforced thermoset plastic (FRP). Company has 25 years experience in working in Latvia and has five subsidiaries there. Company delivers to Norwegian and Swedish Coastal Authorities, Norway Polar Institute, fish farms and many other clients.

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