STEM & SPACE: New Horizons for Cooperation

22 September 2022

Save the date and join us at the Baltic-Nordic Business Forum STEM & SPACE: New Horizons for Cooperation, which will take place in Cēsis on September 22 and will present a rich programme with expert speakers.

As a contribution to the tradition of the Nordic-Baltic cooperation and the vision of strengthening the high value-added economies of our countries, this forum will devote its attention to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the space economy as a resourceful and inspirational domain for innovation, cooperation, synergies and growth.

STEM competencies are becoming the backbone of industrial competitiveness and thus, are enjoying a rapidly growing demand in Europe and beyond. At the same time, the space economy is gaining momentum globally, and it offers the Baltics and Nordics a favorable context for innovation-stimulating cooperation and STEM development: by inspiring curiosity for science, driving technology transfer and advancing the already well-developed capacities in the region's space sectors.

The forum aims to inspire discussions and create insights in mission-oriented cooperation development, efficient use of investments, science and entrepreneurship collaboration for the benefit of the society, economy and environment as well as space becoming a catalyst for cooperation and growth of economies, industries and life-long education.

The forum is organised in the framework of Nordic Days in Cēsis 2022 by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Riga, the Cēsis Space Education Centre, the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Riga and Cēsis Municipality in cooperation with other Nordic Embassies. 

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The Baltic-Nordic Business forum will take place during the Nordic Days, which is an annual event organized by the Nordic embassies in Latvia and the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia in collaboration with the local municipalities. The aim of the Nordic Days programme is to strengthen regional cooperation and promote dialogue, and share Nordic values and practices. 

Sign up here no later than on Sept 19! Admission is Free!


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