Join us on October 7 at 13:00 for a visit to Riga City Council and a meeting with the Vice-Mayor or Riga Vilnis Ķirsis and the Chairperson of Riga's Development Committee Inese Andersone

In mid August, the City Development Committee of the Riga City Council released for public discussion Riga Development Programme 2021 - 2027 (Rīgas attīstības programma 2021. - 2027. gadam). The proposed programme is a medium-term development-planning document, whose aim is to help advance Riga's long-term development goals set forth in Riga's Sustainable Development Strategy until 2030.

The document is available here: https://www.rdpad.lv/strategija/attistibas-programma-2021-2027/ The public discussion is open until October 4.

As per the current epidemiological situation in Latvia and the currently applicable regulations, this event will be organized as a Green event requiring all its participants to have a valid COVID-19 certificate. Upon arrival you will be required to present a valid digital COVID certificate (proving full vaccination or recent recovery from COVID-19) and ID.

Date: Thursday, October 7, from 13:00 to 14:30

Admission: Complimentary, NCCL members only

Sign up by October 5: office@nccl.lv