NCCL Birkebeiner Challenge

05 February 2022

It is clear that many of us are utterly exhausted from spending long hours in Teams and Zoom meetings. As the COVID pandemic has dragged into its 3rd year and we are dealing with a new wave of coronavirus, maintaining good physical and mental health is as important as it has ever been! To encourage our members to get outdoors, exercise, and maintain a sense of community, we invite you to join us for the 2nd NCCL Birkebeiner Race, which will take place this upcoming Saturday, February 5

You can join us remotely from wherever you are right now (as long as there is snow!) or join us in person at the Lucavsala open ski track (conditions apply!).

How to participate?

Send us a picture of you on skis from your favorite skiing spot! Or join us at the open skiing track in Lucavsala on February 5 (limited spots available, prior registration and a valid COVID certificate required to join us in Lucavsala). Contact us for details!

Similar to last year, for those in a more competitive mood we will be organizing a competition for the "NCCL Birkebeiner of the Year" title and a special "Team Norway" prize! To qualify for the title and prize - along with your picture on skis send us a screen-shot of the distance traveled on any of the distance tracking apps on your phone or smart watch! The winner will be the NCCL member with the longest distance traveled!

If you have had the misfortune of falling sick or being placed in a quarantine, then we send you our positive thoughts and wishes of "god bedring"!

Admission: Free for NCCL members and friends / To register send us an e-mail to:!


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