Morning Coffee with NCCL

25 March 2022

Don't miss the opportunity to join us on Friday, March 25, at 9:30 (Latvian Time) / 8:30 (Norwegian Time) at the monthly Morning Coffee with NCCL to discuss how can companies and individuals help Ukraine and Ukrainians currently fighting a gruesome and unjustified Russian aggression and how to manage the war-induced stress and anxiety among your teams and colleagues.


Four weeks have passed since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. These have been four weeks filled with a lot of anxiety and perplexity, seeing the admirable resistance put up by Ukrainian defenders and the indescribable suffering of Ukrainian civilians due to Russia's gruesome and unjustified agression.

Our special guests tomorrow will be Rūta Dimanta, Chairman of the Board at, Signe Grūbe, Advisor to the Mayor of Riga, and Galina Bukovska, Head of International Cooperation Division at Investment and Tourism Agency of Riga and who has close personal ties with Ukraine. You will also get to hear the experience of #MollerBalticImport and #AteaGlobalServices in providing help to Ukrainians and you are welcome to share yours! Sign up to get the access link!

"Morning Coffee with NCCL" series are short, informal and informative online gatherings with NCCL board members aimed at fostering exchange of latest information, observations, tips and tricks on leading through the times of disruption. Grab a cup of coffee and join the conversation!

This is NCCL members only event! Sign up to get the access code!


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