Mini NCCL Birkebeiner race

20 February 2021

What is more Norwegian than putting on skis and hitting the mountains? While we don't have high mountains in Latvia, this year has blessed us with a proper winter - white snow and subzero temperatures. Before the snow melts, we are inviting NCCL members and friends to join a Mini NCCL Birkebeiner race on Saturday, February 20!

This is not about speed and competition, but about getting outdoors, clearing your head, and boosting strength and immunity. We encourage you to find your own track at any time during the day and send us a picture of you on skis to be part of the "race". Or you can join us at the open skiing track in Lucavsala, where we will meet on Saturday, February 20, at a predetermined time!

For those in the most competitive mood, who would like to compete for the title "NCCL Birkebeiner of the Year", we will have a symbolic prize donated by the Ambassador of Norway! To qualify for the prize - along with the picture send us a screen-shot of the distance traveled on any of the distance tracking apps on your phone or smart watch. 

To find out more about skiing tracks in Riga go to: Outside of Riga and in Norwegian mountains and terrains there are limitless options for skiing!

If you want to join the race, please sign up beforehand (by Feb 18) so we can send you instructions:! Limited spots for Lucavsala available. All applicable epidemiological safety instructions should be followed.


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