Circular Economy in the Nordic - Baltic Region: How Far Have we Come?

10 September 2019

On September 10, 2019 a conference" Circular Economy in the Nordic - Baltic Region: How Far Have we Come?" will be held at ALTUM Conference Hall (Dome Square 4, Riga, Latvia). The purpose of the event is to continue the dialogue about progress towards circular economy in public and private sectors among the main stakeholders - consumers, suppliers, policy makers and legislators, as well as academic and nongovernmental experts and media. 



The event is organized by Latvian Environmental Investment Fund, Green Liberty, Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia, Stockholm Environmental Institute and Embassy of the Netherlands to Latvia. Registration is open until September 4!

The role of local governments is to promote and implement circular economy through innovative procurements, while the role of entrepreneurs is to develop smart and sustainable business models, products and services.
 For too long, our societies have relied on a linear economic model, where we take natural resources, make products and - after a brief period of time - discard them as waste. This inefficient modus operandi depletes natural resources, requires large quantities of energy, creates waste and is not sustainable.

Circular economy offers an alternative model where products are not discarded as waste after they stop being used, they preserve as much value as possible for as long as possible - by prolonging working life, sharing, repairing, IN THE NORDIC - BALTIC REGION: reusing, recycling and using them as raw materials for the production of new products. This approach reduces waste, energy consumption, saves natural resources, creates new jobs and is more cost-effective.

The conference is organised in cooperation with EU Interreg BSR project "Using innovation procurement and capacity building to promote Circular Economy (Circular PP)" and the Nordic-Baltic collaboration project "Towards Nordic- Baltic circular textile system: an analyses of post-consumer textiles in Baltic countries, recommendations for policy interventions and sector development" funded by the the Nordic Council of Ministers.



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