100th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Latvia and Norway

05 February 2021

On January 26 2021, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the International de iure recognition of the Republic of Latvia. This date is related to the events that took place in Paris, when on this date back in 1921, following determined and tireless efforts of Latvian diplomats over a two year period, the States that emerged victorious from the World War I, known as "the Entente"(Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan) decided to grant international recognition de iure to Latvia.

Recognition de iure means that a state has become a subject of International law. And as a full-fledged member of international community Latvia was able to establish diplomatic relations. In 2021, Latvia will be marking the centenary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with a number of countries around the world, and Norway is among those countries. On Feb 5, 1921 the bilateral diplomatic protocol was signed establishing diplomatic relations between the Republic of Latvia and the Kingdom of Norway.

On behalf of the Embassy of Latvia in Norway, I would be pleased to invite you to become part of the centennial celebration of Latvia-Norway diplomatic relations as well as enjoy the rich heritage of our bilateral links. For more info visit:

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