Norwegian Embassy

We benefit from an excellent cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in Latvia. Ambassador Kristian Ødegaard is our Honorary member and Dace Dizbite-Ose, Adviser Business relations & EEA/Norway Grants is representing the Embassy on the NCCL Board. 

We also cooperate through “Team Norway” (Embassy, NCCL and invited business representatives).

Greetings from Norwegian Ambassador Kristian Ødegaard                                       

"Supporting Norwegian companies abroad is one of the main priorities of the Norwegian Embassy. As Ambassador of Norway to Latvia it is my privilege to work closely with the Norwegian-Latvian business community. Over the years Norway and Latvia have built a strong economic relationship. Norway is among the biggest foreign investors in Latvia with companies present in various sectors across the country. 

NCCL provides an excellent platform for taking care of their interests. A good working Board and an effective Executive Director form a dynamic Chamber that functions as a strong voice on behalf of the Norwegian business community. Through various formal and informal events the NCCL has become a vital support for its members.
For the Embassy NCCL is our closest co-operation partner when it comes to business activities. Therefore I sincerely recommend Norwegian companies to take part in their activities."

Joint initiatives to promote sustainable leadership and business practice

  • In 2014, Responsible Leadership and the changing role of businesses in society was adressed by Sven Mollekleiv, DNV GL, Baiba A. Rubesa, Citadele Banka, and by 6 Norwegian companies presenting how they practice Responsible Leadership in their organizations. 
  • In 2013 the Minister of Economics Daniels Pavluts attended a conference on Business Integrity initiated by Delna (Transparency International Latvia) and the Norwegian Embassy where the international business community handed over a list of improvements needed to increase transparency in Private and State Owned Enterprises. 
  • In 2011 we invited to a conference on anti-corruption: “Increase your competitiveness by building an anti-corruption culture” with speakers from Transparency International in Norway and Latvia. 
  • In 2010 we focused on "CSR, Entrepreneurship and best Management practices", with the Norwegian State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Erik Lahnstein and Professor of Economics from the BI Norwegian Business School, Dr Erling Steigum as some of the speakers. 
  • In 2009 another Professor from the same institution, Dr. Torger Reve shared his knowledge on "National Competitiveness and Development of Successful Clusters". 
  • The Norwegian Embassy have also supported the Maritime sector in Latvia with transfer of Norwegian expertise. 
Nordic Baltic Business Forum, Norwegian Days´12 and "Norway 200" in 2014 are other examples of how we join forces hosting large scale business and public events to reinforce Norway's reputation, promote trade and businesses and strengthen our visibility in Latvia.
Norwegian Days´12
Norwegian Film Days opened the event with free entrance film screenings, followed by two weeks with a wide range of conferences, culture and concerts attracting 5000 visitors. 20 Norwegian key speakers were invited to Riga for the events. The financial support of Norwegian companies contributed to the success. Norwegian Days was promoted in social medias and visible all over the city.
At the Opening Gala Dinner, Norwegian trumpet player Tine Thing Helseth played traditional folk tunes accompanied on the grand piano by Latvian Raimonds Petrauskis. The famous chefs of The Flying Culinary Circus prepared Norwegian culinary dishes. The closing conference targeted innovation, leadership and teamwork within the Nordic Management Model. The Key Note speaker was Norwegian Carl Størmer, founder of JazzCode, who showed the audience parallels between what a jazz ensemble actually does to create a successful performance, and what most leaders actually do in order to lead, change, and shift their cultures or ways of behaving to adapt. For more information, please see NCCL´s «Events» and YouTube.